Zoe was able to help me figure out what I needed to do. She supported me by going over the IEP. She helped me to know what’s important and how to express it in a way that makes sure my son gets his needs met. Having Zoe go over the IEP with a keen eye and attend the IEP team meetings to make sure all the pieces are there and nothing gets missed was very helpful. Zoe helped me a lot with insurance and making sure I knew which services should be available, what insurance companies provided those services, and what was required to get ABA providers in place.
— Andrea, Mother, 5 year old
Zoe has been a godsend with my granddaughter! The diagnosis was such a big shock at the beginning, but Zoe has really helped us along and taught us how to cope with it. We trust her, and we really enjoy working with her. Zoe cares about her clients and does a great job.
— Magi, Grandmother, 5 year old
Our family owes you a great deal for all the help you have given T. You are wonderful and talented autism specialist.
— Sara, Mother, 3 Year Old
“Zoe’s knowledge about the steps and processes of navigating IEPs was very helpful. Zoe’s understanding of IEPs and legal entitlements, her ability to communicate that knowledge, and her presence at my son’s IEP meetings made the whole process less intimidating. In addition, just discussing my concerns about my son and getting ideas from Zoe helped put things in perspective for me.”
— Lara, Mother, 6 year old
Desde que llegamos a trabajar con Zoe nuestro hijo ha recibido muchísimo apoyo en todos los aspectos. Zoe nos introdujo en nuevas terapias y nos ha enseñado estrategias más estructuradas para el comportamiento que podemos realizar nosotros mismos en casa. También, Zoe nos ha apoyado en encontrar una escuela adecuada para las necesidades del niño, e incluso ha asistido como defensora en las citas de adecuación curricular (IEP).
— Maribel, Mother, 5 year old
Thank you, Zoe, for being an angel that has been around my family and me when I need you the most. I will never find the correct words to let you know how grateful I am. Thank you so, so much for everything.
— Margarita, Mother, 5 year old
Zoe fue la que me ayudó para saber con qué personas tenía que ir para acceder los servicios y terapias para mi hijo. Cuando tenía preguntas sobre los comportamientos de mi hijo, ella me los explicaba y también qué necesitaba hacer yo. Zoe ha sido la que realmente me ha guiado por los sistemas y programas cuando yo no entendía, y gracias a ella mi hijo ya tiene todos los servicios que necesita.
— Mayra, Mother, 2 year old