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About The Founder

Zoe Migel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has provided support to children with autism spectrum disorder and their families for twenty years. Throughout her career, she has learned that parents are the experts when it comes to their children and, through their own journeys, they become experts in negotiating the world of autism. Bright Futures is a place where parents can share their expertise with other  parents in weekly online groups, and monthly online community meetings. In addition to supporting each other, they can access Zoe Migel’s expertise online through individualized consultations.

Individual Services

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Individual Consultation is offered by Zoe Migel, LCSW, to parents of young children with autism. It is intended to meets the need for individualized support in accessing educational and medical services, developing IEPs or IFSPs and/or addressing challenges that may be effecting a child, a child’s parents and/or a child’s family.

$125 per session

($25 discount for annual members)

Group Services

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Parent Empowerment Sessions are weekly events that provide a way for parents to meet online with other parents who have similar experiences, questions and concerns. Sessions are facilitated by Zoe Migel, LCSW, the founder of Bright Futures: Autism and Early Intervention. Zoe brings her expertise regarding children with autism and their families to the conversations as well. Parent Empowerment Sessions are meant for parents and caregivers and are accessible through an annual or a monthly membership.

$ 32 Monthly Membership  Includes unlimited access to Parent Empowerment Sessions for a four week period from date of purchase.

$ 288 Annual Membership Includes access to unlimited weekly Parent Empowerment Sessions for a year from date of purchase. In addition, Annual Members receive $25 off Autism Forums and $25 dollars off Individual Consultations.


Autism Forums explore relevant topics and include an interactive question and answer period. Autism Forums occur monthly. Both parents and providers are welcome. 

 $65 per forum

($40 for annual members)

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Become more informed and empowered. Develop strategies to access home, school and community-based services such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Help your child reach his or her potential. 

Autism Savvy Sponsors

Autism savvy sponsors are those who have been kind enough to provide financial support for Bright Futures and have provided scholarship funds for for Annual Memberships, Autism Forums and Individual Consultations. If you are interested in supporting families who have children with autism, click the donate button below.

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