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About The Founder

Zoe Migel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has spent her career of twenty years serving children with autism and their families. She began her career in Los Angeles, CA in 1997 and over the next five years she worked with families in the United Arab Emirates, New York and throughout the central and eastern United States. In 2002, she moved to Santa Fe, NM and founded Bright Futures: Autism and Early to help parents advocate for their children by ensuring that they have the information needed to access medical and educational early intervention services. Zoe uses online technology (Zoom) to meet with parents and providers both nationally and internationally to ensure a bright future for all children with autism.



Individual Consultation

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Individual Consultation: Zoe Migel, LCSW, provides individual consultation to parents of young children with autism. Whether parents are in the process of figuring out if they should be concerned about autism or whether they are trying to access autism services; Zoe will make the sometimes overwhelming process doable and successful. Some parents need more information about autism. Some parents need to know where they can get a diagnosis. Others need to know what services their child needs and how to get and pay for those services. Regardless of where they are in the process, parents need help. Zoe will support parents through the process step by manageable step. Be it getting a diagnosis, interpreting the evaluations, getting a child school based services or putting together an applied behavioral analysis program; Zoe is there to provide the information parents need to be sure their children are getting what they need to succeed in life.

Parent Interviews & Presentations

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