Support Your Child's Future: Get Insurance to Pay for Autism Specific Services (A.K.A ABA)

If you have Medicaid or private insurance your child is most likely entitled to receive 15 - 40 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) a week as well as other autism specific services. These services are provided for your child in your home and community and support your child's development in areas such as talking and potty training to name two that are high priority for families. You have paid your premiums and Medicaid has been ordered by the federal government to provide ABA services.  It does not matter is there are no providers in your area. This is not your problem to solve. It is the insurance companies responsibility to provide these services and, if they can't, you have the right to hire your own provider at the insurance companies expense. Therapeutic support is often critical to your child's future success so don’t wait. Get the services your child deserves now! See the video below for more info.



If you have questions or need support to access ABA or other autism specific services in your area please contact

Here is to Bright Futures for All Children!