Autism: Connecting with other Parents

I was at the bank yesterday making a deposit. The teller asked me what I did at my clinic. I said that I work with young children with autism. She replied in a whisper, "But what do you do?" I realized this was not polite chit chat; this person had someone she cared about who needed support. That someone was her 3 year old son who had just received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As she spoke to me tears welled up in her eyes and she said she felt so alone.

Hello, my name is Zoe Migel. I am the director and founder of Bright Futures: Autism and Early Intervention. I believe that some of the best support a family can receive is from other families and with 1 out of 64 children receiving a diagnosis of ASD no one should feel alone in his or her experience. In the hopes of connecting families with each other, I created two private/secret Facebook groups, one in English and one in Spanish, solely for family members and caregivers who support a child/children on the autism spectrum. The conversation can only be seen by those in the group and the only ones who can comment are people who have been added by me or a member of the group. Please let me (Zoe) know if you want to join and I will add you. Contact me at or

For more information or support go to, drop me a note or call to schedule a free consultation.

Here's to bright futures for all children!