Accessing Autism Services (Applied Behavioral Analysis) in the United States

Years have passed since the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare announced that states must offer Behavioral Health Treatment (Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA) for children with autism under 21-years-old on Medicaid.

In many states Autism services are currently available on paper but there is an inadequate network of care (very few providers) and as a result very long wait lists (sometimes years) and in many rural areas there is no access to ABA at all. Families need to know their rights especially around insurance companies' legal responsibility to provide an "adequate network of care". An adequate network of care includes timely access to services (including evaluations) within a reasonable distance provided by qualified personnel in the patients/clients primary language.

Please contact me at or 505-471-4505 if you have any questions about autism specific services and/or how to access them. 

Here is to Bright Futures for All Children!

Best, Zoe

 #Autism #BrightFutures #ABA #Advocacy


 #Autism #BrightFutures #ABA #Advocacy