Early Intervention for Children with Autism: Get On With It!


Hopefully, everyone knows early intervention is critical to long term, positive outcomes for children with autism. However, sometimes the journey to receiving early intervention is overwhelming and a guide is needed. Here are some stepping stones to help along the way. 

1. Identify - Most children with autism can be identified as early as 18 months.  Children's doctors need to complete the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers - Revised (M-CHAT-R) at every child's 18 month and 24 month well check.

2. Diagnosis - Most Children with autism can receive a reliable diagnosis prior to the age of three. Timely evaluations must be available to those who children who screen positive for risk of autism on the M-CHAT-R.

3. Medical and Educational Services - Free Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) available to every child in his or her home and community immediately after an autism diagnosis is received.

In summary: Identification of concerns, a diagnosis of autism before the age of 2 and immediate implementation of intensive ABA services.

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