Autism: Hard Things and Good Things About a Diagnosis

Okay, you are headed for an evaluation to rule out autism...

Your thinking, "Is this really happening? What the *(&(*&^%O*&(*???"

Yes, this is really happening and this is part of the really hard part. The process of realizing your child is having a very difficult time and may have autism is different for everyone. This is a personal process that has no time limit, or one “right” way but there are some universal emotions that come into play in the search for peace and hope. First there is denial and isolation... Then there is anger that moves into bargaining. When bargaining fails depression sets in... If depression is overcome there is sense of being at peace and being hopeful about the future.

How is a diagnosis going to help any of this???

The main good that comes from a diagnosis of autism is that it will provide you with helpful information and will open doors to support for you and your child. Support may include early intervention, educational services and private therapies. Most of these are entitled services and can be paid for through public funding or insurance. You do not have to take advantage of all the services. You can pick and choose. But with an autism diagnosis the services are there if you want or need them and chances are you are going to need them at some point.

It is a hard road to accepting that you and your child are in need but good comes of an autism diagnosis. A diagnosis of autism brings with it the supports your child needs to flourish and reach her or his highest potential. There is so much the world can offer a child on the autism spectrum. So much that will help him or her have a happy, fulfilling, productive, wonderful life. That life is possible!

My wish is for every family to have the resources they need to reach a place of peace and hope. My wish for every family is they have good information to find their way.

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Here's to Bright Futures for all children!


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