Schools Out: Trains, planes and automobiles! Tips for Travel

Trains, planes and automobiles! Pack your bags and head on out... Easier said than done! Travel and vacations can be great fun but they can also be a source of tremendous anxiety. There are a few things that can make a huge difference. The first thing is ask for help. When flying call ahead and ask for assistance with boarding the airplane, with transport between terminals and with finding a quiet place to pass time during a layover. If you are going by train call Amtrak and see what accommodations they can make. They will be happy to help!

It is also a good idea to bring a bag of things for your child. What parents have expressed works best is a variety of favorite foods plus a mixture of favorite toys/activities and new toys/activities. Make sure you call ahead to see what you can bring through security. If you have medications get a doctor's note that verifies what it is and why it is taken. It is also helpful (if you have time) to do a rehearsal by going to the airport and just hanging out and seeing the sights. This can reduce everyone's anxiety and make a huge difference! If you can't get to the airport, here is a link to some information and a social story for traveling by plane.

Here is a quick video on some other good tips...

Good luck and keep breathing... Safe travels everyone!

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Here's to Bright Futures for all children!